make money from blogging
make money from blogging

Introduction: How to make money from blogging 2022 and WordPress?

Are you looking for a way to make money from WordPress 2022 in a guaranteed way and without fraud or manipulation? It is the largest article publishing platform in the world. 70% of the world’s websites and blogs use WordPress for your own business as a blogger and earn extra money doing what you love.
In this article from CodePostePro, I’ll explain the 28 best ways to make money it happen while doing what you love.

make money from blogging 2022 is not magic, you need to invest time and work
The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not a magical way to make money from blogging (if this is what you are looking for, this is not for you), blogging with WordPress takes a lot of work and effort so you can have a steady income and a lot of other things to become a millionaire (and indeed Thousands of people have become very rich and millionaires using a WordPress blog.

Do not believe a lot of people sell profit courses from the Internet, especially pictures with luxury cars, mansions, and people working on the beach. Do not be deceived by these screenshots, as many people are deluding people by selling tricks and the famous trick is always the title of the course « How to make money through… » And, you will waste your time and money buying those training courses (not all of them, but most of them are sub-standard).

23 legit ways to make money from blogging and wordpress

Many sites promise you quick and easy money with minimal effort, if it sounds too good to be true, this article has the most realistic view of starting a new online business in the most effective way.

You will have to invest time, money, and effort to get the legitimate, due and blameworthy money, so make sure that there is no money that is not blamed on it and you can never get such income. If you agree with me, it’s time to start.

How to start a WordPress blog

Before you start using any of these methods, you will need to have a WordPress blog with your own hosting.

the best hosting is Hostinger you can join it from here and pay only 2 dollars in a month

The process is very simple to get a WordPress blog regardless of what you know about using computers.


Once you have your blog ready, you are ready to follow the tips below.

How to monetize your blog content

How to make money from blogging 2022?

You can make money online through ads. Even if you have a really bad idea of ​​how blogging works, you realize that ads can make you some money, if not, they can be the main entrance to your site.

Sure, you can make money with WordPress ads, but you’ll be glad to know that it’s not the only way to generate additional income. Here I leave you the other procedures that you should consider before getting started.

make money from wordpress 2022
make money from wordpress 2022

1.- Earn money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing legit ways to make money from blogging, when you recommend a service or product through your own tracking link. Every time someone subscribes through your link, you will get a commission for converting customers to purchase the product.

There are affiliate programs in almost every industry and niche.

The largest affiliate program is Amazon (but its commissions are low compared to other sites).

You’ll find thousands of cases, products, and tools of this nature that are looking to attract people to their sites, and if you help them, you’ll usually get a commission that varies depending on each product you promote.

If this idea seems attractive to you, you can start by thinking about a product you already use and like or know well. Then search the internet to see if they have an affiliate program.

You can work with these world-famous networks in this field:

Once you browse their pages and choose a product that catches your eye, you can use a WordPress tool like ThirstyAffiliates or PrettyLinks to help you manage your affiliate links.

This tool allows you to easily insert links into your posts. You can also automatically replace keywords with links. It even gives you an option to see how each link on your site works.

The affiliate marketing option is one of the easy ways to make money. It is not only limited to promoting one product but the type of products to diversify the income.

2.- Display Google AdSense on your WordPress site

Speaking of legit ways to make money from blogging, we have to talk about Google Adsense. You just have to add a Google script on your website and start showing ads. You make money via CPC, meaning that every time a user clicks on your ad, you get a commission.
When you display Google Adsense ads on your site, you receive pre-determined earnings per click or per 1000 ad impressions.

What does it mean to receive money per thousand impressions? In this case it means that they give you your commission every time a thousand people view the ad regardless of whether they click on it or not.

Make no mistake, even if it doesn’t seem like the advertiser would be interested in this type of mechanism and willing to run their ads without expecting any kind of conversion, this last option is perfect if you’re looking to educate a customer or advertise a product.

Obviously, Google Adsense is a very good way to earn extra money and more when you are just starting to build your own site.

WordPress helps you step by step in this process, you just need to easily build your site on this platform and then display ads using Google Adsense.

3.- Selling e-books

E-books are the logical choice if you want to sell digital content.

These are relatively easy to write and produce. Especially if you already have time to work on your blog. Collect some articles you’ve written before and turn them into chapters for a new book.

Once you’re done with the product, you can go to Canva and create your own book cover. I leave the link to you to produce a good cover on this site that is completely intuitive.

Canva link:

If you decide to become a book author, WordPress offers you a variety of plugins that will make it easier for you to receive electronic payments and do online auctions and you also have an online bank so all the resources you need are available so you can just get started right away.

4.- Use WordPress to advertise products and services directly

The truth is that Google Adsense is a very good way to make money from WordPress 2022 and is easy to install, but you can only earn a limited amount of money. Each ad that generates a click will give you a different amount.

So if clicks are already down, your next option is undoubtedly to sell your own ad space. What is more profitable and you should not continue to rely on brokers. When you sell your ads, you are the one who negotiates and sets the terms.

As I told you before, there are ads that generate CPC and CPM money. While you can offer this type of service to people who want to publish in your own space, many bloggers don’t want to complicate matters and set a fixed monthly price.

Of course, selling your ad space requires more effort than just using Google Adsense. You will have to go through the negotiations and start using accounting.

The good thing is that WordPress also helps you in this aspect with another plugin: publisuites,antevenio, Coobis, which will give you a meeting place between webmasters and merchants. It contains many widgets and tools to insert ads without any problem.

The fact is that with this plugin saving space on your page is not difficult. Make sure to check out the tutorials that WordPress offers to get the most out of this option.

5 .- Create restricted content for your audience

If none of the above methods catch your eye, there are still plenty of ways you can use to generate that extra income. A very popular way is for your audience to pay to access elite content on your blog. Earn money with memberships.

If you have already managed to get a large group of followers, it is time to add premium content. Your most loyal followers may be willing to pay a little to get access to all of your work. You can create an area with videos, tutorials, exclusive audio, or whatever comes to mind.

But let me warn you, this content should be worth the money spent on it. Having elite content is not cheap and you have to provide worthy content that the user will pay to get.

You should invest time, money and effort into it. But you must not forget that it can be very profitable because it generates a stable income through subscriptions.

In WordPress you will find tools that will help you with this process.

A very effective plugin for doing this strategy is Rainmaker.

6 .- Earn money by doing reviews

You can also get commissions for the reviews is a good way to make money 2022 you write on your site for various products, it is a slightly different but very effective way of monetization.

You can test products in your site niche. The important thing, in this case, is to think about products that your audience might be interested in.

To do this, you have to reach out to the companies and ask about paid reviews. You can go to sponsored reviews and PayPerPost sites to help you connect with interested companies.

The fact is that in this area there is a great opportunity to make money.

7 .- Earn money from marketing sites

If you already know how to create a site and use WordPress effectively, you can benefit from people who have no idea how to do it and earn money with WordPress 2022. Entrepreneurs often prefer to buy the websites of their already established companies.

If you can create a blog on WordPress and your blog is starting to drive traffic, it’s time to sell it and make money in the process.

What you need to achieve this is to know what type of websites are most in demand, build them, and price them. If you don’t know, you can visit Flippa, a place where websites are auctioned.

8.- Create a private forum

If you think you’re running out of options, let me tell you we’re just warming up our engines.

If your major falls within an area of ​​expertise or requires specific knowledge, then this option is for you.

Create a paid membership that users must invest in to access the forum. Forums are a great way for users to get advice directly from you. Other members of the community can also help each other.

The fact is that monitoring the forum takes a lot of effort, but the fixed payment that you will receive per month will reward you even more.

To get started, you’ll need to add a forum to your page called BBPress.

9.- Sell digital products in WordPress

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t take up much of your time but still makes you Earn money with WordPress 2022, then selling your digital products is what you need.

The truth is that you have to create the product, and that takes a lot of effort. But once you are ready, the work that will be required of you in the future will be minimal.

Earn money with WordPress 2022
Earn money with WordPress 2022

10.- Sell sponsored articles on your blog

You will also find some bloggers who are not interested in selling their ad space. If you are in this group, you may be wondering how to monetize without ads.

If you don’t want to lose control of your site by letting ad networks in and annoying your readers with static ads or worse.

If that’s your opinion, an effective way to make money is through sponsored articles. really it’s a legit way to make money from blogging 2022

It works the same way you’ve always seen it on TV, between one comment and the next broadcasters advertise a product from their sponsors, i.e. a businessman who pays you to talk about his product to your audience. it’s very easy.

The first thing you should focus on is putting together a good media kit detailing your traffic stats, traffic in social networks, your audience data, or any other information that makes you attractive to a potential sponsor.

An essential part is knowing the laws in this regard. Each country has its own law. It’s not difficult if you use WordPress, just add this word to the title of the post: sponsored article

11.- Offer online courses

This is one of the most popular ways to make money 2022. Courses are sold at much higher prices than e-books and give you the opportunity to get paid for your experience.

Well, to do that, you have to start with the heavy load, which is to create the course lessons as well as the supporting materials, downloads, slides, templates, checklists, and whatever else you might need.

You must also decide whether to provide personal assistance. Most sites dedicated to this initially offer a basic version without support and a premium version with email support.

WordPress also has LMS plugins. I recommend LearnDash or MemberPress.

12.- Become a paid virtual webinar host

This option will help you to kill two birds with one stone.

Webinars are a great way to grow your email portfolio and contacts. As you already know, the money that supports your website is the number of followers you have or people interested in the niche you can reach.

In addition to being a great way to gain an audience, sharing what you know makes you an authoritative person on a topic and grows your business and make money from blogging 2022.

Our concern now is that all of this is making money online for you. Webinars are somewhat similar to courses, but with the difference that they include a Q&A section.

The truth is that WordPress makes it easy for you to devote yourself to this business option. It doesn’t matter if you use it to promote yourself or to make money through a seminar.

To register participants, it is necessary that you know the plug-ins of this system in order to be able to do it more effectively.

13.- Providing online services through WordPress

The truth is that you can now work from home and make money from blogging 2022. If you are looking for a way to make money online, selling services is the fastest way to do it. There is no need to invest before starting as in the previous options.

Instead, just create your Hire My Services page and start looking for your first client.

14.- Offer your services as a freelancer

As a blogger, you become an expert in your area. It’s time to start earn money with WordPress 2022 to share your experience and the things you’ve grown.

By working as a freelancer, you don’t need to invest anything other than your knowledge to start making money online. It’s as simple as offering your services to your audience.

15.- Selling physical products online

Selling online is a quick way to make money from blogging, but this time we are going to delve into real physical products. You can create your own product and sell it on your site. You can also buy products at low prices and sell them at high prices without reaching your hands (what is known as drop shipping).

16.- Start an online project with WooCommerce

If you have a product idea in mind and want to start your own online store, then WordPress offers you an exceptional plugin completely free of charge that will be your greatest help in this adventure: WooCommerce.

The truth is that an online store with physical products can be tiring, you need to have the products to send to your customers.

However, it is a very lucrative experience, and there are times when what your audience really needs is a very profitable product and good ways to make money 2022.

ways to make money 2022
ways to make money 2022

17.- Start your consulting business now

You can advise, its a good idea to ways to make money 2022. Instead of providing a specific service, you can be a consultant in a specific topic that you understand well and provide assistance to everyone who wants advice, and this is in return for a fee. The consultant provides the necessary advice and strategies to the client. It is an easy job, you just have to be a professional in a subject or graduate in an educational subject. You can provide advice to those who need this field.

Like freelancing, you do not need investment to start this business. You can offer your services on the blog you already have.

All you have to do is add a page to your blog with a form for followers to request information.

I recommend WPForms for creating a professional, mobile, user-friendly form.

18.- Be a coach

If you are not in your profession to be a consultant, you can start as a coach it’s a good idea to make money from WordPress 2022.

Although very similar to a consultant, this type of activity is a bit closer and focused on helping your client set goals and provide advice to improve client business outcomes in a customized way.

Regardless of your area of ​​expertise, you can offer your client one-to-one coaching that saves time by doing what’s best for their business right from the start.

Add the booking form that WordPress offers you so that your followers can schedule training sessions directly from your blog.

19.- Be a designer or developer

If sales aren’t your thing and you’re more technical, it’s time to become a WordPress developer or designer.

It is a safe way to make money online and it requires great technical skills. But if you already have it, the rest is very’s a legit ways to make money from blogging 2022.

20.- Development of plugins for WordPress

The truth is that a powerful WordPress card is a huge selection of plugins that it has. These plug-ins act as applications that allow the user to change or modify any feature of their site on this platform.

Plug-ins come in all sizes, colors, varieties, and shapes. If you have basic knowledge of PHP, you should create your own WordPress plugin.

As a developer, there are a variety of ways to build your own plugins and sell them, then make money from WordPress 2022.

For starters, you can submit your free plugin to the plugin directory. It is only necessary that you follow their instructions specified by WordPress.

Fear not, the idea is to gain experience and gain a certain reputation as a developer. After some time, you will see that you are ready to offer premium options for your plugins.

You can also choose to sell them on a site called MOJO Marketplace or on your own blog.

If you already have a WordPress site where you sell plugins, you should not forget to make sure that your plugins meet the needs of your users.

It is important to take regular surveys to find out their needs and then solve their problems with the new plugin.

21.- Selling WordPress themes

If your goal in development is design, you will be glad to know that you can sell your own themes on WordPress.

This trade requires you to have technical and design skills. It is essential that you know how to create a beautiful project for a website and at the same time code it for WordPress.

You can get a huge advantage if you use the Genesis theme framework. So you can design an impressive template and make money from WordPress 2022.

22.- Sell graphics on your site

If your little advantages aren’t encodings and stuff, don’t worry. You can sell graphics from your WordPress site.

You can use an online plugin to sell logos, stored images, or other graphics.

If you are more interested in design than programming, another option is to design and sell graphics on your WordPress site. You can also join online marketplaces to market your business it’s a good ways to make money 2022 .

23.- Accepting donations

Believe it or not, a very effective way to make money from blogging is to ask for donations. As simple as asking for money.

There are different ways to accept money, you can add a PayPal or Stripe donate button.

On the other hand, if you want something more professional with more advanced features like email marketing integration, you can use WPForms to create a donation form.

You should not rely on donations because you will only rely on people’s goodwill, it is usually better to give something in exchange for people’s money.


I really hope this article helped give you a general idea of ​​how to make money from blogging 2022. How to Earn money with WordPress 2022?

If you liked the article From Codepostepro, be sure to comment on it and give me your opinion on it. It is always my pleasure to answer any question that may arise.


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