How To Make Money Fast Legit?
How To Make Money Fast Legit?

Here are 15 proven ways how to make money fast legit so that you can increase your income from CodePostePro Team.

If you are looking to have legit ways to make money fast, make money fast on weekends and how to make money online 2022??, have ideas to earn money fast, or have a business with great income, any of these ideas can help you.

Earning money online, make money fast a few years ago was very rare. And they’ll look at you weird if you say you’re in the internet business.

I still remember the astonishment of my friends when I told them that I make money online. Everyone thought it was a scam and that I was making money some other way.

How To Make Money Fast Legit 2022

This year millions of people will make money fast legit online. This number is growing year after year. So why not be one of those people. Here on our site, we will talk about the most important ways to make money from the Internet. From creating a content blog, working as a freelancer, selling online, filling out surveys, among other options.

Create a website/blog

Hundreds of blogs and websites will earn more than a million dollars this year. You can create a blog in any language you want and in any niche you want (the niche is the topic or type of content of this blog, health, investment, trade, education, medicine, media…)

Creating a website or blog is a popular and used way for many people to increase their monthly income and I will show you the reasons why you want to start a blog and start make money fast as well.

Through these legit ways to make money fast, you can earn an annual income of more than 6 figures, and this is undoubtedly a compelling reason for you to start looking for a way to create a website.

To create a website, you have to go through two basic things, the first is to create valuable and high-quality content, and the second, not less important, is to promote the content that you have written.

A lot of people give all their attention just to creating good and high-quality content, but they ignore and forget about content promotion and that sure is weird. Every publisher should create strategies to promote what they write and this will naturally make a difference in the site’s success.

It is very easy to start a blog, you can even start for free, but if you want to use blogging to make a lot of money it is better for you to buy your own hosting and domain name to start professionally.

Creating a website does not require that you have programming skills, currently, there are platforms that will facilitate the creative work and the most famous of them is the creation of a WordPress site.

You can create it quickly, in a period of no more than 15 minutes, and you can start creating the first article for your new blog, just make sure to choose a magazine that suits you and you can be creative in it, write and benefit.
You can also manage your website from anywhere in the world, you just need to have an internet connection and a computer, and this gives you access to your blog.
This is just one reason enough to start creating your own website and start earning money from the Internet.

Write articles and earn money

Writing articles is another good way to make money. There are a lot of pages looking for people like you to write content.

There are some world-famous platforms where thousands of people work and pay you for writing, such as:




It gives you the option to write articles for money, which will allow you to generate additional income from the comfort of your own home.

Another advantage of writing articles is that you have freedom of action, that is, you can do it in your spare time and at any time you want without a specific time, which allows you to do other activities.

In addition, sites such as:



The option to be a freelance writer, although, in the beginning, you have to offer low prices to get clients, once you have experience, you can apply for job offers on one of these platforms and earn extra income and make money fast legit from the internet.

Create a YouTube channel

The YouTube channel is an option that allows you to create videos that millions of users can watch. Currently, many people are using this platform to create tutorials, informative videos, comedy movies for entertainment, and many more.

For many, it is an option to use as a supplement to content blogging, making it easier to bring traffic to the blog.

In this way, the success of creating a YouTube channel lies in the fact that this platform has more than 1 billion monthly users, which is a huge audience.

Next, I will tell you about other reasons why the YouTube channel is an excellent choice for making money.

  • Creating a YouTube channel will allow you to increase the traffic of people to your blog or website, so it is recommended to put the direct link to your site in the video description.
  • You can create and promote your products through the YouTube platform, this is an excellent way to increase your sales, you can promote from digital books, music, art, classes, etc.
  • Create entertaining videos, whether it is a comedy series or TV parody, and you can even make how-to videos, many people prefer watching educational videos.
  • It has the option for you to join the YouTube Partner Program, in this way the platform will pay you for every thousand visits to your YouTube channel.

Now, you already know some of the reasons why creating a YouTube channel is a good and legit ways to make money fast.

Streaming your video games live

Platforms like Twitch are dedicated to allowing users to broadcast their plays live, that is, to make a video of your performance in video games.

Without a doubt, this option does not apply to everyone, but if your thing is to play video games, it can be an excellent way to make money. Many people find themselves making money this way.

There are people with fame on Twitch who earn between $40,000 and $60,000, which makes it an option that will allow you to make money fast.

Also, a good recommendation, when starting to transmit your plays, is to select the most famous game currently, this will increase your chances that more people will be interested.

Now, you already know some of the reasons why streaming your video games live is a good and legit ways to make money fast.

Social media management

The management of social networks, also called Community Manager, consists of providing your services to generate content, promote, and attract traffic to social networks.

In this regard, today millions of people request Community Manager services, in order to hire trained personnel to manage their multiple social networks.

Without a doubt, managing social networks or web pages is a highly sought-after service, for these reasons, it is an excellent option to earn money.

Additionally, you just have to make sure you have the necessary knowledge to provide a good service.

Graphic designer

This is a dedicated option, for people who have the knowledge and skills to design, without a doubt, it is an excellent option to make money fast.

Generally, this type of work can be done from your home or the place of your choice, only with the help of your computer, design packages and internet access. This too is an option to generate passive income.

Currently, there are platforms such as,




which can help you obtain a large client base and therefore make money fast legit.

Make money fast on Fiverr

Fiverr, is a platform that allows you to offer your services for the value of $5, one of the advantages of Fiverr, is that you can exploit your skills, no matter what.

Fiverr gives you the opportunity to provide convenient services such as; writing, design, drawing, transcribing, even unconventional services such as writing a phrase on your face or body, writing names with Legos, dancing to a song.

In this way, this platform gives you the opportunity to provide your services from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world, in addition to managing your time and work schedules and make money fast legit.

Transcribe Texts

Becoming a content transcriptionist is an option that allows you to earn money in exchange for your services. Additionally, it is a job that you can do online, from the comfort of your home, only with the help of a computer and internet connection.

Also, people who request these services, pay depending on the speed of transcription and can reach up to $25 per hour for audio transcription.

There are many platforms, where you can offer your transcriptionist services, among them are:,,

Now, you already know some of the reasons how to make money online 2022 from Transcribe Texts and this is a good and legit ways to make money fast.

Sell your handmade products on Etsy

Etsy is a platform, dedicated to the online sale of handmade products, so if you have skills for crafts, crafts, drawings, among other designs, do not hesitate to earn money selling them on Etsy.

Without a doubt, this recognized platform will help you sell the products you make by hand easily and quickly and make money fast legit.

Sell your photo portfolios

For this option, you only need to have a camera that takes high-quality photographs and is talented. Currently, there are several pages that will facilitate the selling process, among them:

So, if this option suits your skills, I recommend you select a specific niche, and avoid landscape photography, because it is the most popular, and therefore there is a lot of competition.

Today, there are millions of people who make money fast legit from selling their photography portfolios, so if you are passionate about photography, you can now tap into your talent.


Dropshipping is a trade of another kind, which is to be an intermediary between the wholesaler and the one who buys the product, that is, you get the product from the wholesaler and send it to the final customer, and you get a commission that you specify by setting the selling price as you wish and make money fast legit.

Also, one of the responsibilities of dropshipping is customer service, because you must have an active role in negotiations with the end customer to convince them to buy the product and then ship it to them via you.

Thus, this shipment, although it carries more responsibility, allows you to earn more money because you can increase the price for the wholesaler and get higher profit margins.

Providing translation services

Offer your own translation services to make money fast, to apply for these jobs you must be fluent in two or more languages. Today, millions of people are looking for someone to provide text or voice translation services.

This is also a good option to get paid quickly, in addition, translator jobs generally allow you to manage your time as you wish.

There are platforms such as:

  • Upwork,
  • Freelancer,
  • TranslatorsCafe,

Where you can apply to provide your own text translation services.

Without a doubt, this option can be considered to be implemented in short days, and even full-time depending on the requests of your clients and you will make money fast.

Create web pages for other people

Today, thanks to the advent of multiple website builders, creating websites for other people has never been easier. A platform like



makes the job of website design easy.

Now, you can take advantage of these advantages by offering website creation services at one-time rates to people who want to have a fully functional website.

Also, with little knowledge of coding and programming, you can apply to create web pages for other people and thus obtain a lot of income and you can make money fast.

Become an investor

Becoming an investor is one of the best requests for how to make money fast legit it’s a good option to generate income, however, to opt for this option you must have saved capital, in addition to the fact that all investments have an intrinsic risk, it is not an option, that to all people find it tempting.

Despite this, investing today has a lot of potentials, because it allows you to generate large incomes, it is a good way to multiply your money.

Currently, there are platforms such as,,

and, which will help you invest in an easy and accessible way for you can make money fast.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing consists of promoting a product of a company, that by publishing the product link on your site, for each user who acquires it using your link, you will automatically be paid a commission.

This is a widely used way of making money because almost all companies that sell online have affiliate programs to help promote their products.

Amazon is one of the most used options because it has the largest affiliate program of all, which can generate up to 10% for some items.

Much of the income from blogs is thanks to affiliate marketing since by having a blog with a large traffic of people, you can recommend products, and thus earn commissions.

Without a doubt, this marketing is a legit ways to make money fast and an excellent option to increase your income, but if you need quick money, it is not the best, because you will need time to generate traffic to the links you promote.


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