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If you are having trouble editing videos,
If you suffer like most people from your computer slow when running large-sized editing programs
If you are looking for the speed of completion of your work in the field of montage
And if you also want to work on freelance sites and earn money from the Internet from the field of design
You are in the right place. All this and more is offered to you by Invideo
is one of the best sites specialized in editing and editing videos and making professional video intros. It also offers many types of ready-made templates.
There are many programs for montage work, the most famous of which are Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, and Da Vinci Resolve… These programs vary in strength and quality of work on them from simplicity to professionalism and strength of performance. Montage programs, but others, especially the new versions of the year 2021, need stronger hardware and a sophisticated, fast, and continuous computer to be able to run these programs.

But the solution is simple for those who want to make more time, faster and more professional, so what do you think if you dispense with your need for programs that you install on the computer, and rid yourself of the problem of time and expensive computer and moved to the work of video montage directly on the Internet, with better performance and greater features.

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Yes, it is very possible now on the Internet and there are many applications that enable you to do this easily, and perhaps the most important site among them is InVideo, the online video editor that provides many pre-made templates, as it is easy to use and does not require any experience in the montage.

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The site is free you can join it now, and you only need to create an account. Once you enter InVideo, the interface will provide you with a set of presets ready to use. Also, you can create videos of all kinds that you want: commercial, scientific, educational, family, sports, and any other occasion that comes to your imagination.

Invideo Review

Here I will publish to you most of the reviews of the website from different places that collect the opinions of users in all languages of the world and from all countries of the world :

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2021 11 19 132733
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reviews note the complete satisfaction of all users of the Invideo website, where the product gets an average of 4.75 on most sites. That’s really good.
if you like Invideo you can register on the site for free through from

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What is InVideo used for?

What is InVideo used for?

The platform helps you to « craft your content in a video format that chooses its type, shape, size and dimensions in a very easy way away from the complications that you will face in montage programs and with the help of templates
Ready with a variety of ideas and in multiple specializations, and all this work is done on the Internet, and with one click, you get professional work. There is nothing easier than this. The platform is used by many parties from all over the world such as media companies, startups, brands and entrepreneurs who want to generate more income by sharing their professional content clips.

features :

  • 100% free and does not require any activation.
  • A light montage site on the device and does not consume its resources.
  • It is integrated with the browser and you do not need to download it.
  • Writing on pictures with fairy effects and different fonts.
  • Various effects to add to your photos.
  • Different set of different filters.
  • 3D effects are ready to be added without the need for any experience in using editing programs.
  • Video output and export in very high quality up to FHD.
  • Supports writing on images in the language you want.
  • The site comes in various languages depending on the language of the system you are working with on your browser.

Prices :

1- Free Version

2021 11 19 184525

You can use free version from this link

For anyone validating Invideo as a professional video creation tool.

Featured: InVideo Watermark, 5000+ Video , Video Templates, 3M+ Standard Media Library, Automated Text to Speech, 15min video duration per video

2- Business Version :

2021 11 19 185038

For small businesses, entrepreneur, teachers, and social media influencers

Featured : No watermark on videos, Everything in free plan, 10 iStock media per month, 1M+ Premium Media, 60 video exports per month, Unlock Filmr Pro

3- Unlimited Version

2021 11 19 185057

For agencies and large teams with advanced storage and team sharing

Featured: No watermark on videos, Everything in free plan, 120 iStock media per month, 1M+ Premium Media, Unlimited video exports/month, Unlock Filmr Pro

Is there a free version of ?

Is there a free version of InVideo?

Yes, you can register on the Invideo site and enjoy the trial period that lasts for 14 days, or you can also use the site for free, but all the videos you release will contain a watermark for the Invideo site


How invideo work ?

The Invideo site is very simple because it is free from the complications of other editing programs. It is enough to open it to find that the main interface of the site is very simple, where you choose the template you want to work with and you do not need any prior experience in the field of video editing and making.
All you have to do is start working on your personal videos in a very easy and smooth way, add the elements and upload the necessary files from your computer, such as the logo of your YouTube channel, for example, if you want to create your own intro video and you can edit all the elements without any difficulties or complications.

2021 11 19 220004

Here is the correct path for editing clips in the program :

  • First choose « Categorie » (look image in the top)
  • Second, choose the template that you like
  • Third, modify it and add your files and write on it whatever you want
  • Fourth, export the work and choose in any format you want to output the clip
  • Finally, download the clip to your computer and use it in your social media projects


With , you will always appear in front of others as if you are a professional, and others will always like your clips, and you will promote yourself in a very good way. Learn about other software Just take a tour of our site, where we offer much useful software for you

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