how to open a skrill account
how to open a skrill account

Introduction: how to open a skrill account?

Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a digital wallet that allows users of online gaming platforms to deposit and manage their money. The main advantages of Skrill are security, simplicity and discretion of transactions.

Skrill allows you to use a Mastercard payment method to withdraw cash, or pay in store directly. Skrill also offers a referral program that can earn you up 100 euros. You can also use the free Skrill mobile app to manage and track your account. To open your account for free and take advantage of all these benefits, simply go to Follow the steps below to register.

what is Skrill?

Skrill, an electronic money system, is available. Skrill was founded in 2001. It allows users to make quick, secure and easy money transfers and payments over the Internet, including international money transfers.

Skrill is a prepaid account that can be used to send and receive money worldwide. It allows you to manage your account on the go with the Skrill mobile app as well as on your computer. Skrill offers a variety of different methods for sending and receiving money, including online banking, mobile banking, cash pickup, and cash drop.

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How to open account in skrill:

Register on Skrill (Moneybookers) :

First, go to then click on « Register » in the right of the page to access the registration form. It contains 5 pages, which must be completed in succession and are devoted solely to your personal data.

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skrill register

During registration, you will be required to fill in your personal data on the first form. We recommend you include all of the data in your documents. Notice that you will have to confirm your residence using the extract of your bank account or your utility bill.

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how to open a skrill account
  • Enter your first name. This is the name that you will be able to identify yourself with in law.
  • For verification, enter your last name.
  • Choose your country.
  • Skrill allows you to send and receive money in any currency that you choose. You should choose the currency you will actually use to deposit your money. You will have to pay additional money for currency exchange .
  • Enter your (correct) email address. It is important that it is a valid e-mail address. You will need to verify it. Because it is safer, we recommend using the e mail address you use less often.
  • Create a password. It should be at most eight characters in length and contain at minimum one letter, number, or symbol.
  • Before you click Register, please read the Skrill Account Terms of Use.

Over the next few pages, you will need to enter the following information:

how to open account in skrill
  • It is important to use your actual address because you will need it to confirm your Skrill Account Verification.
  • The second box is for those with additional addresses, but it is optional.
  • Enter the place where you are located.
  • Enter your postal code into the box below.
  • Your date of birth, month and year are required.
  • Last, enter your country’s code and phone number. Then, click Next.

The next step is to secure your account. Enter your current number to receive a SMS (text message), for verification purposes. Make sure to enter your country’s code. Click continue. A six-digit number will be sent directly to your phone.You can click on Continue after entering it. Your Skrill account will be activated.

The skrill mastercard: a real Master Card for your account

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard

Skrill MasterCard allows you to get a Skrill MasterCard that's tailored for you.To access your funds and spend your account balance you can use either the virtual Skrill Card (standard plastic Card) or the virtual Skrill Card (virtual Skrill Card).
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skrill mastercard

When opening an account at, you can opt for a credit card that allows you to pay in shops, online, or withdraw cash.  » It can be requested as follows:

Go to the home page of your account

Simply click « Skrill prepaid card »

Please validate your request at bottom of the page

Take care, even if your payment is made in-store or online, the withdrawal of cash will still cost you 1.75%.

Skrill prepaid mastercard benefits:

At a lower rate, get a « real credit card »

Ability to purchase in more than 35 million retail stores around the globe

To be allowed to withdraw liquid from over 2 million dispensers

Without having to visit your bank, make deposits on gaming websites

Once your card has been activated, you can use it.

Here are the Skrill Mastercard:

Skrill card-sending: 10 euro per year

Direct payment at the point-of-sale: no charge

Fee per withdrawal: 1.75%

Foreign currency transactions: 3.99%

To access the Skrill Credit Card, simply go to!

More detail about skrill prepaid mastercard in official skrill


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