Best Forex Websites 2022

To create this shortlist from CodePostePro for you, we looked at the services of over 150 of the Best Forex Trading Sites.

The majority of the forex brokers we have chosen are licensed and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA is widely regarded for its fair and strict control over the forex trading market, ensuring compliance with FCA regulations. Forex brokers are among the most reliable and secure forex brokers around the world.
Below are reviews of each broker, highlighting their strengths and describing the reasons for including them on the list. We also provide our experts’ information on how to evaluate forex brokers. These are the Best Forex Websites in the world in 2022.

IG- Best for U.S.A traders:

Minimum deposit: 250£

Best for: best site for beginners traders

Fees: Overnight financing costs; Spread costs

Trust Score: 99

IG is our top choice as the top forex broker in general. IG has a broad selection of exchange markets and offers high-quality pricing, trading signals as well as industry-leading education. With a variety of awards the IG currency trading platform is the ideal option for traders of all kinds from novice to advanced.

With low costs as well as a vast array of trading markets, IG Markets has the top one-stop Forex trade account available across the world.

Low Trading Fees:

Although IG Markets only has a single trading account, it comes with one of the lowest rates in the market. There is no minimum deposit and no commissions are charged on Forex trades.

Fees for trading fluctuate based on whether you are using the IG’s own trading platform, as well as using the MT4 trading system. When you are using IG’s trading platform spreads an average of 0.86 pips for USD/EUR, but when you are using MT4, spreads an average of 0.75 pip on the EUR/USD.

Safe and FCA-Regulated:

IG Markets one of the Best Forex Trading Sites is regulated by FCA as well as 16 other authorities across the globe. FCA regulation guarantees the majority of IG Markets clients have negative balance protection, which means they will never lose more than what they can put in their trading accounts. Annual audits and compliance reports for the FCA offer a high degree of security for every CFD trading.

17,000+ traded instruments:

In the IG Markets’ single trading account, customers have access to more than 17,000 instruments that can be traded which is more than the majority of brokers.

The markets that can be traded include indices, commodities more than 16,000 shares, ETFs as well as options, bonds, and interest rates.

IG Markets also operates as stockbrokers, which allows customers to invest directly in thousands of ETFs and shares. This is an investment with no leverage as commissions will be charged for every share purchase.

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Saxo Capital Markets- Safe Trading Platform:

Minimum deposit: 200£

Best for: best site for Advanced Traders

Fees: Competitive FX spread costs, Host of additional costs, Safe Trading Platform

Trust Score: 97

With the aim of putting « the world at your fingertips », Saxo Bank offers over 40,000 different financial services and ranks among our list of the Best Forex Websites.

To ease the confusion of too many choices, Saxo Bank also gives customers access to education tools and other information products that enhance their knowledge (and wealth).

Trading platform overview

Saxo Bank one of the Best Forex Trading Sites offers a variety of advanced trading platforms that can meet the needs of every trader.

Their trading platform, SaxoTraderGO, allows traders to view all of Saxo’s asset classes that include forex currency pairs such as bonds, mutual funds including options, cryptocurrencies, futures, and leveraged derivatives (such as CFDs in certain regions). The interface can also be accessed from desktop and mobile.

For more experienced traders
For more professional traders, you can use SaxoTraderPRO. This platform provides traders with the ability to change the screen size and number from one to six display screens in front of you, and it also allows the issuance of calculation orders.


Competitive spreads:

Saxo Bank is one of the Best Forex Trading Sites and one of the few with a spread of 0.6 pips on the most popular forex pairs in the world.

MetaTrader API:

If you choose not to use SaxoTraderGO or PRO MetaTrader 4 it is an alternative. However, it does come with a cost.

Pricing Variable:

The ability to change the pricing of your account level. Choose between classic, platinum, and VIP modes. VIP members enjoy the most affordable rates.

Flexible trading system:

Instead of throwing an untrained trader into the wild or limiting the options of an experienced trader, Saxo Bank gives users the option to choose between a standard or advanced trading platform.

Knowledge base:

Learn how to trade CFDs like a pro using Saxo Bank’s educational materials, such as expert-led workshops and classes.

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Pepperstone- Best Platform for Trading Experience:

Minimum deposit: 200 units of the base currency

Best for: best site for Trading Experience

Fees: Overnight financing costs; Spread costs

Since its opening in 2010, the Australia-based Pepperstone Group has emerged as an elite player in the market of online brokerage and has built an extremely competitive and fully-featured trading platform that is focused on shares, forex indexes, metals and commodities, and even cryptocurrency.

Pepperstone one of the Best Forex Trading Sites gives users easy access to markets that lets the user concentrate on the difficult task of attempting to make money trading the market.

Pepperstone is ideal for traders who want an easy-to-use variety of low-cost services with a variety of accounts and user interfaces and fast, efficient customer service. Pepperstone ranks among our list Codepostepro of the Best Forex Websites.


Regulated by FCA (U.K.)
Spreads of low FX
Variety of platforms available
Provides protection to U.K. client accounts


No guaranteed stop loss
Website maintenance is not up to scratch
Protection of accounts is limited for non-U.K./E.U. clients
It does not take U.S. clients

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XTB Online Trading- Low cost for buy and sell trades:

Minimum deposit:

Best for: best site for Low Costs

Fees: Spread cost, Overnight financing costs, Inactivity fees

Trust Score: 96

X-Trade one of the Best Forex Trading Sites was established in 2002 as an initial leveraged forex broker, X-Trade converted to X-Trade Brokers in 2004 to ensure compliance with the latest Polish regulations.

The brand was rebranded to its current name, XTB Online Trading (XTB) in 2009, and then went public, being listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2016 under the ticker symbol XTB. The company is unable to stand up to American traders.

XTB is an excellent option for traders who want to keep costs down regardless of the actual cost of trading (bid spread) or the fact that they don’t have to incur additional expenses, such as transfer fees.

XTB can offer the highest leverage of 500:1 over non-UK. accounts, while UK accounts get leverage of up to 30:1.

The company places a high value on customer support and has useful educational tools and research facilities suitable for aspiring traders.

The company has been ranked among our list Codepostepro of the Best Forex Websites.


Licensed by the FCA (UK)
Lowest spreads in forex
The focus is on customer service
Protects customer accounts.


There is no guaranteed stop loss
The spread costs for non-foreign currencies are very high.
No automated trading capabilities or back-testing
US customers are not allowed

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Best Forex Websites FAQ

How do I pick a forex broker?

It is essential to choose the Best Forex Websites that have the required licenses. A broker that is regulated and is authorized to provide services within your country can help you stay clear of fraud. Furthermore, by selecting an established forex broker who is capitalized well, you lower the possibility of becoming into bankruptcy and losing your money.
When choosing a broker for forex begin by searching for brokers licensed in your country and also any available consumer compensation funds that are available as security against bankruptcy. Next, compare your top two options with each other in order to determine which one is the best.
Tips for the Pro: In addition to the trust factor, other elements to consider are the cost of trading as well as the variety of markets available, accessible platforms, mobile trading applications (see our top recommendations for the best trading applications for forex) market information and research sources as well as educational articles, and the level of the customer service provided by the broker.

What are the Best Forex Websites for beginners?

If you’re just beginning your journey and are searching for a wide collection of educational resources for your learning, it’s likely that the IG is one of the Best Forex Trading Sites and the most suitable option among forex brokers.

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